For the cut glass edge grinding machine diagonal error method

by:Enkong     2021-04-02
This diagonal cut glass edge grinding machine error, the method of general glass shape is rectangular, its an important properties is diagonal are equal. But in the use of the practical application of glass edge grinding machine will appear the phenomenon of error, we want to reduce the occurrence of error to ensure production quality, in the glass below small make up explain to everyone about the glass edge grinding machine is how to reduce the error. 1. Glass movement balance, if the glass grinding wheel running before and after the periodical. This glass edge grinding machining of product will be not straight, wavy edge. 2. Control before and after glass grinding wheel without moving, product is in longitudinal and knife to sports, there are several possibilities: (1) glass edge grinding machining process, because of the unequal two pairs of edge cutting force. And clamping force is not big enough to cause the product in the longitudinal motion, causing the glass edge grinding machining glass wavy edge and the edge is not parallel. (2) not equal on both sides of the product movement speed, lead to edge not parallel the head size. (3) girder causeway mother clearance adjustment screw and adjustment, when the agency in the middle. By the force of extrusion. Two girder spacing increases, causing wavy edge and the edge is not parallel. Above is the small make up to you about cutting down on the glass edge grinding machine, the method of diagonal error of we will have a superb technical level, if you have recently purchased glass edge grinding machine and other related product demand, welcome to my company on-the-spot investigation, we sincerely with excellent products, quality service, good reputation, welcome new and old customers rest assured the choose and buy.
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