Different types of cutting machine for cutting different shape of glass

by:Enkong     2021-01-10
Automatic cutting machine is specially used for glass molding manufacture a kind of processing machinery. Just produce glass have different thickness, combined with the characteristics of glass itself is fragile, the general way of cutting hard to avoid can damage to the glass, and glass cutting machine has special knife wheel, can guarantee the glass will not damage during cutting. Manual cutting machine for the traditional glass cutting machine, the entire machinery including transmit belting leather and glass cutting table of two parts, by hand operation transmission belting leather cut to cut glass to the table with a blade cutting. The advantages of the cutting machine is can cut a relatively small piece of special-shaped glass, glass can be processed into various forms. Drawback is that the glass cut into specific form need to do a special mold, manual operation combined with itself, just as dues, can't do mass production. Semi-automatic glass cutting machine in equal this kind of glass cutting machine and manual cutting machine, but in the increase of the cutting machine semi-automatic button operating equipment. Although still mainly shaped glass cutting, glass in advance according to the form making special mold, but the machinable glass size is larger than the manual cutting machine. And because the use of pneumatic motor when cutting way of kinetic energy, save a lot of manpower, so the production efficiency is much higher than manual cutting machine.
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