Description of the application of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-23

Through the design of the rotating device, the glass cutting on the glass glass cutting machine is more convenient and simple. Compared with other methods, it not only improves the working efficiency of the automatic glass cutting machine, but also reduces the safety hazard, effectively prevents the operator from scratching the glass sheet when rotating the glass, and the fixture design can prevent the glass sheet from being placed on the rotating fixed glass. , which will affect the quality of the cut glass. Simple to use, reduce energy consumption and improve comprehensive utilization efficiency.

These devices have sliding rails fixed on both sides. A movable beam is arranged on the sliding guide rail, and the movable beam is slidably connected with the guide rail. The bottom of the movable beam is equipped with a driving motor, and the middle position of the movable beam is equipped with a sliding block. Fixed slot.

The glass cutter holder is connected with the chute, and the glass cutter is fixed on the glass cutter holder by locking screws. A hose fixing block is arranged on one side of the fixing seat of the glass cutter, a metal hose is arranged at the lower end of the hose fixing block, and a dust cover is arranged on the lower side of the pipe and the metal hose.

There is a control cabinet on one side of the workbench, a control panel on the upper part of the control cabinet, an emergency stop button on the lower part of the control panel, a controller on the lower part of the emergency stop button, and the controller is respectively connected with the drive motor.

The above briefly introduces some applications of the glass cutting machine. If you need it, you can call us directly for more details!

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