Brief description of the operation method of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-23

Generally speaking, the glass cutting machine will produce large pieces of the same specifications during the manufacturing process, and the large pieces must be divided into required sizes during use. Since the glass is fragile, in order to prevent the glass from being broken during transportation, vertical transportation is adopted. When slicing, lay the glass flat on the cutting machine, then cut it out with a diamond glass knife, and then separate the glass along the scribe line.

Due to the limitation of the size of the large glass sheet, the force on the glass is uneven during manual transportation, and the glass cannot be laid flat on the cutting machine without damage. Therefore, the related equipment needs to include a glass loading mechanism and use a turning frame. Two suction cups suck a piece of glass and slowly turn it over until the glass is flat on the table top of the glass cutting machine, and the operation of loading the piece is realized.

Since a stack of glass is placed on the glass conveyor during transportation, the adjacent glass is easy to adhere. If the suction cups suck the glass on the outer layer and then flip it straight, it's easy to transfer the entire glass stack on the conveyor, which together will cause it to tip over. Not only will this result in the entire glass stack shattering, but the operator is also vulnerable to injury and the equipment is likely to be damaged.

The glass cutting machine includes a base and a lifting cylinder vertically fixed on the base. The piston rod of the lifting oil cylinder is fixedly connected with the rotating seat, and the rotating seat is rotatably provided with a rotating shaft. The output shaft of the rotary motor is a transmission connection, the rotary shaft is fixedly connected with the turning frame, a plurality of vacuum suction cups are fixed on the turning frame, and all the vacuum suction cups are connected to the air source through a vacuum pipeline. The air pressure sensor is connected to the alarm communication.

Nowadays, the adoption of glass machine in glass machine manufacturer industry is quite common.
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