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2. What is 5 d sweep light machine with working characteristics?

by:Enkong     2021-01-14
2. What is 5 d sweep light machine with working characteristics? As an emerging industry, 2. 5 d sweep light machine is widely applied to the mobile phone above, because of its market prospect is also favored by the customers, so 2. 5 d sweep light machine at work, so some of the characteristics of? By dongguan factory staff to introduce the below: the working characteristics of sweep light machine has the following seven, let's take a look at the below: 1. Frequency conversion control, realize the soft start, soft stop, no impact. 2. Equipment with the method of secondary cylinder pressure, cylinder pressure according to different process requirements, set on the touch screen directly. 3. Humanized programming, ensure the practicability of the sweep light machine, convenience, improve the production efficiency, meet the needs of mass production. 4. Machining efficiency is usually sweep light machine for more than four of the tray for 1 meter diameter, two are processed at the same time, in 5, for example, each plate adsorption quantity for 72 pieces, two materials plate number is 144. 5. System adopts advanced PLC, touch screen operation panel, all grinding parameters and process formula can be used to change the setting on a touch screen and can according to set good parameters automatically complete the whole process of sweep light. 6. Are located in the lower part, with high safety, operation state of adsorption has manual and automatic two kinds to choose from, each tray can control alone, compared with the general sweep light machine for raw material in the above, the glass is easy to fall off, a higher safety factor. 7. Expected downtime to shorten, up and down in the two materials plate, at the same time the work of the other two are finished loading work, with a set of processing is completed, is expected to hover turn 90 degrees, has completed loading are to continue to work, compared with general sweep light machine, a processing cycle, save for at least five minutes or so. More than 2. What is 5 d sweep light machine working characteristic is introduced here, and light machine is mainly used in mobile phone surface ( 2. 5 d) , tablet surface of flat glass products such as glass, toughened glass protective film.
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