The strip of glass cutting machine use

by:Enkong     2020-12-31
Glass is made from silica and other chemicals from melting ( The main production material is: soda ash, limestone, quartz) , melt formed in the process of continuous mesh structure, viscosity increases gradually, in the process of hardening cooling crystallization of nonmetal silicate material, small make up today will go to the strip of glass cutting machine using way. Strip glass cutting includes base, the base layout two support bar, side by side at the bottom of each support bar is fixed on the base of two support bar, between a beam is installed on the top surface and on the surface of base beam under relatively, beam under the surface with m + 1 transmission system, continuous m transmission system has a one-to-one correspondence. Drive system including the sucker, the gear, can guide tooth device to move up and down; Guide rack bar horizontal arrangement under the beam surface, tooth guide with gears, the gear tooth and mesh machine; Gear vertical arrangement of sucker connection, at the bottom of the suction cup as opposed to a base. Cutting unit including slide, slide bar, steering knuckle, and cutting tools, sliding rail set between arbitrary two adjacent gear guide rail, slide at the end of the slide bar to set on the slide, slide the slider on the sliding direction perpendicular to the movement direction of the gear in the gear on the guide rail.
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