The automatic glass cutting machine operation steps correctly

by:Enkong     2020-12-29
There are different types of glass, played important role in every industry. Glass cutting machine has been widely used, therefore, when we buy glass cutting machine, pay attention to the selection and their products conform to the cutting machine. The automatic glass cutting machine operation steps right you know? Today by the dongguan factory staff to introduce: fully automatic glass cutting machine correct steps: 1, we in the use of automatic glass cutting machine should be in strict accordance with the requirements to wear before good labor protection products such as gloves and safety glasses. 2, we're going to turn to the tool to adjust to the scale of the rules, to turn the power switch. 3, prepared by the two people put cutting glass to carried to the cutting platform, blowing in the press button to let the glass float on the surface of the table to move around freely. 4, after the glass positioning to press the stop button, after the press suction device to the glass firmly fixed in the specified location to locate a effect. 5, after the completion of a when cutting press the stop button, and then press the blowing of the switch. When cutting completed are kratos glass to translation to the disc on the stage. 6, small pieces of share out bonus, according to mark the relation more than expected to put in the specified location. Then put the disc stack after a small piece of glass to neat glass frame. 7, after the good clean with cloth cutting machine and clean glass pieces.
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