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SYM08 double edger manufacturer for household appliances Enkong

SYM08 double edger manufacturer for household appliances Enkong

SYM08 double edger manufacturer for household appliances Enkong

Brand name:
Place of origin:
Guangdong China
CE/ISO(CSA UL certificate can be customized according to customer requirement for the production)
Minimum order:
1 set
Price term:
Payment terms:
L/C, T/T
Package detail:
package with film
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Application Scope
Enkong's glass machinery is widely used in the Manufacturing Machinery industry.With many years of practical experience, Enkong is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.
Product Comparison
Enkong has the ability to meet different needs. glass machinery is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.glass machinery's outstanding advantages are as follows.
Company Advantages
1. The appealing design of Enkong improves brand awareness.
2. The product runs in a stable manner. During its operation, it is not prone to overheat or overload and can last for a long time.
3. The product only consumes a little power energy with high water use efficiency. People say the operating cost of this product is much lower than the desalination equipment.
/  Technical Date

SYM08 Speedy Series Technical parameter(For Photovoltaic glass )

  • Model
  • Thickness
  • Glass width
  • Transmission speed
  • Parallel tolerance
  • Diagonal tolerance
  • Max.grinding removal of flat edge for each side
  • Width opening speed
    2m/min(standard)/8m/min(Servo motor for main transmission)
  • Transmission speed
  • Rotation for motor
  • Installtion power
    about 25KW
  • Weight
/  General description

SYM12/08 double round edging machine is directed at round edge processing.
Typical apply in household appliances and photovoltaic panel processing.
Modularise design:
Machine body and components especial stable design for low vibration processing and ensure on precision.

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SYM08 double edger manufacturer for household appliances Enkong-2
SYM08 double edger manufacturer for household appliances Enkong-3
SYM08 double edger manufacturer for household appliances Enkong-4
SYM08 double edger manufacturer for household appliances Enkong-5

Company Features
1. Guangdong Enkong Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a qualified manufacturer and supplier of . We excel in developing, designing, and providing high-quality products.
2. Enkong Glass Machinery hosts some of the world's leading researchers in the double edger field.
3. We promise to seriously handle all the wastes during production. No toxic and harmful chemicals will be discharged to cities. By reducing the amount of emission of unit product or the unit output, we consciously reduce production impact on the environment. Besides, we have achieved progress in saving raw materials and energy, which helps to conserve the earth's resources. We aim to sustain a responsible supply chain that has a minimal environmental impact and corporate with a manufacturing supplier base that supports and adheres to our expected corporate and social standards.
The glaze workmanship of Enkong double edger includes overglaze decoration, in glaze decoration, and under-glaze decoration. Especially the under-glaze decoration, which directly determines the pattern quality, is processed by experienced workers. Its versatile optical system offers an adjustable beam angle
The manufacturing of Enkong double edger complies with electric industrial standards. All its parts, including wires and cords, plug, and circuit board are manufactured to adapt to the local electricity supply system. It is widely applied in outdoors for the party, show, events, etc
The materials used in Enkong double edger are carefully selected. Only the materials that have high insulation level and strong wear resistance are adopted to guarantee stable and safe electric performance. The product features various lighting colors, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere
The safety of Enkong double edger must be formally approved. It will be registered on the Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme (EESS) and comply with the requirements of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations. The product creates custom lighting effect for the event or venue
Several key considerations for designing Enkong double edger have taken into account, including heat resistance, fin arrangement, location of fins, fin efficiency, thermal interface materials, etc. Thanks to its adjustable brightness light source, it meets different occasion usage
This product is not subject to the electric leakage problem. It is embedded with an insulation protection system to prevent electric danger. The product offers various strobe effects to highlight the atmosphere
With a built-in filter system that is specially designed, this product generates very little radiation, including electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic wave. With exceptionally high CRI, it is ideal for stage application
Its electric circuits react flexibly and actively to the transmitted signals, which directly helps reduce the signal distortion rate. Its versatile optical system offers an adjustable beam angle
Owing to its reliability, the product is not subject to the jamming signal or noise caused by its inner components. With a high-speed motor, it has fast and accurate movement
Its electrostatic sensitive device has high electrostatic sensitivity, meaning this device can withstand much electrostatic discharge voltage. It produces a homogenized, single-source, flat and even field of light
This product features high consistency, stable performance, and accurate precision. For example, it reacts quickly and flexibly to the electronic signals. The product offers various strobe effects to highlight the atmosphere
The use of this product is beneficial to both workers and manufacturers. It promotes workers to reduce work fatigue and reduce unnecessary human capital costs for manufacturers. Its versatile optical system offers an adjustable beam angle
All the features make it perfect for Apartments, Training Facilities, Music Recording Studios, Medical Units, Emergency Shelters, Remote Site Accommodations, etc. The product is safe enough without emitting any ultraviolet and infrared ray
This product is designed to fit into any space without taking up too much area. People could save their decoration costs through its space-saving design. Generating saturated and vivid colors, it is perfect for all kinds of venues
After using this product, the hotel found that the overall customer loyalty and satisfaction had increased significantly, and that satisfaction had continued to increase over the past few years. Its color temperatures can be easily adjusted
This product is held to the highest structural and aesthetic standards, which is perfectly suitable for daily and prolonged use. The product is safe enough without emitting any ultraviolet and infrared ray
Energy efficiency is one of the selling points of this product. It consumes less power than conventional lighting, which helps to reduce lighting costs. The product has a built-in program with speed adjustment
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