Strengthen the self-diagnosis and maintainability of glass machinery and equipment

by:Enkong     2021-04-18
The technology of contemporary glass machinery and equipment is advancing rapidly, and they are developing in the direction of integration, large-scale, continuous, high-speed, precision, automation, process, integration, computerization, ultra-miniaturization, and technology intensive development. The contradiction between advanced glass machinery equipment and backward maintenance capabilities will increasingly plague enterprises and become an obstacle to their development. Therefore, on the one hand, enterprises are required to strengthen the self-diagnosis and maintainability of glass machinery and equipment, so that glass machinery and equipment have higher reliability; on the other hand, it calls for a better socialized maintenance force to reduce the pressure on enterprise equipment maintenance. However, the realization of these goals requires a development process, and the glass machinery and equipment management system is constantly developing and progressing in contradictions. The glass machinery equipment maintenance plan is a guiding document for the organization and management of equipment repair work by the enterprise, and it is also a main component of the production and operation plan of the enterprise. The glass machinery equipment maintenance plan of an enterprise is usually an annual, quarterly, and monthly plan arranged according to the time schedule and a work plan prepared according to the repair category. The glass machinery equipment maintenance plan is the basis for evaluating the repair work of enterprises and workshops.
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