Reducing glass laser cutting machine failure need to do this!

by:Enkong     2021-06-03
Lubrication of parts of laser cutting machine: 1, glass lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce the mechanical failure f. For this, the first step, to choose the suitable lubricating oil, according to the different conditions of use to choose corresponding relatively suitable for lubricating oil or grease, and master the right amount of lubricating oil, according to the requirement of the equipment to choose the corresponding quality grades and brands. In use, both neither can use lower lubricating grease, also cannot use other types of alternative, of course, can not use inferior grease. 2, reduce unnecessary operational mistakes: first of all, to post the tally and reasonable division of labor between professional tally, clear the corresponding responsibility. Have the responsibility to have pressure, pressure will generate power, so as to work smoothly; Second, must complete the necessary incentive mechanism, rewards and punishments, post spot check in the long-term development. 3, regular equipment maintenance: equipment failure should be handled in time, and according to the requirements of the equipment maintenance. Regular and irregular inspection, timely understanding of the equipment running status, to temporarily appear small fault, should be timely treatment, don't cry because it is a small fault, and it doesn't matter does not affect the use, thus overlook the small fault, the chance of delayed maintenance, led to a greater failure, and even safety accidents. 4, normal workload don't work under load bearing capacity of more than equipment, and within the scope of the equipment bearing capacity using the equipment. To balance the load of machine, add and subtract as uniformly as possible, make the equipment in a relatively flat load change, prevent reducer, lift system fluctuates up and down movement.
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