Professional manufacturers teach you the maintenance and daily maintenance of glass beveling machines

by:Enkong     2022-01-19

Professional manufacturers teach you the maintenance and daily maintenance of glass beveling machines. Now the glass beveling machines are widely used in glass processing, so how to maintain the equipment in daily production?

  1 , When cleaning the glass beveling machine equipment, remove the sundries that are not related to production, and it is best to keep it cleaned once a day.

  2, replace the circulating water, so as not to block the water pump and water pipe with glass powder.

  3. The chains, gears, screw rods, etc. of the glass beveling machine should be filled with grease regularly.

  4. After use, keep the surrounding environment of the glass beveling machine dry and not easy to rust.

  5. Check whether the gap between the movable parts of the machine becomes larger in time, which helps to maintain the accuracy of the processed parts.

   6. When processing small pieces of glass with glass beveling machine, you must pay attention to whether the plywood is flat or not, so that the small glass can be clamped.

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