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How to correctly choose glass beveling machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-16
How to correctly choose and buy glass beveling machine. People familiar with the industry should know glass beveling machine is the use of the important equipment in glass processing equipment, because it is the first step in glass processing, so choose a high quality glass beveling machine is very important. Glass beveling machine of choose and buy must pay attention to the following four points: first, before buying glass beveling machine, must consider whether their product structure is suitable for selection of glass beveling machine; Second, the size of the glass beveling machine, consider whether can have put the location of the space; The conventional glass beveling machine generally 18 meters long, width in 3. 5 meters; Three, glass processing factory room if there is a line of hoisting equipment, used for transporting glass first table; Four, buy glass beveling machine, must be on the table also should make a careful investigation. The above is our glass beveling machine manufacturers to introduce the relevant knowledge, I wonder if you understand the knowledge of glass beveling machine to buy, hope can help to you, more questions about the glass beveling machine you can feel free to contact us or log on our official website to understand.
use glass edge grinding machine appear white mist phenomenon to do
use glass edge grinding machine appear white mist phenomenon to do, when we were in the use of glass edge grinding machine, also will appear all sorts of situations, such as white mist phenomenon to do, the following will give everybody to explain the use of glass edge grinding machine appear white mist phenomenon to do. Appeared a white marks, it usually appears in front of the initial production of a few furnace, it is caused by the surface of the ceramic roller temperature is too high, when the initial few seconds into the furnace glass, glass surface is directly under the heat conduction and the corners of curly, glass and ceramic roller interface is smaller, and ceramic roller friction increase, as the ceramic roller surface temperature drop will disappear. The above is the use of glass edge grinding machine appear white mist phenomenon to do. Hope can help to you, you want to learn more knowledge can continue to focus on our website, also can contact us, we will answer for you.
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