How does the ceramic cutting machine cut ceramics

by:Enkong     2021-04-21

How does the ceramic cutting machine cut ceramics more powerfully? Ceramic cutting machine cutting ceramics is an important part of ceramic processing. There are various cutting methods. The most basic application is wet test cutting. Cutting technology is not the same as the cutting process regulations, and the strength of the cut ceramic is different.

The pros and cons of the ceramic cutting machine are closely related to the technology of cutting ceramics. Generally, the cutting edge rate of ceramics is less than 5%. How to distinguish? The simple inspection method is to take some ceramics for cutting. After forming, observe the proportion of first-class and defective ceramics. The processed ceramics are cost-effective. In fact, they can be observed by human eyes. Based on the proportion of first-class products to distinguish.

The technical production process of ceramic cutting machine cutting ceramics:

First, the bricks. People must ensure the quality of the ceramics, check whether the ceramics are intact before putting on the bricks. The pros and cons of later processing are the ceramic cutting machine and processing technology. It is generally stipulated that the actual effect of the original edge after cutting is considered as qualified.

When cutting ceramics, people should first put the dusty ones outside and blow them out, so that the dust on the surface can be washed away. Subsequently, people put the ceramics in a hot-air dryer to air dry before cutting. It is the preparatory work of the ceramic cutting machine before cutting ceramics.

Second, cutting. Ceramics are carried out in forming. There are three electric heating coils outside the forming cylinder of the ceramic cutting machine, which can be processed into ceramics. In order to ensure that the processed ceramic surface is smooth and free of significant cracks, people can select a suitable cutting head according to the type of raw material and water content, and its cutting strength can be determined only after on-site experiments. Generally speaking, if people assume that they are cutting glazed tiles, they can choose a 120mm cutting head, and if they want to cut microcrystalline stone tiles, they can choose a 320mm cutting head.

Three, chamfer the bottom corner. If people cut the ceramics and start chamfering, the processed edges will be turned into qualified ceramics based on the slight burrs.

Fourth, the dry link. From the beginning of ceramic processing to ceramic processing, the water contained in the ceramics is critically cooled by circulating water to reduce the temperature, and the processed ceramics all contain a lot of water. The key to this link is the heat dissipation of the heat pipe by the water flow of the ceramic itself, so that the temperature of the ceramic is in the effective range. At this time, when the ceramics are processed, there is still a lot of water on the surface, so drying is carried out according to the air dryer.

From the above, people are the basic production process in the whole process of cutting ceramics with ceramic cutting machines. It is very helpful for a very good grasp of ceramic cutting methods. When cutting ceramics, master the actual operation of the basics and work hard.

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