Glass edge grinding machine operation burned trip for two reasons

by:Enkong     2021-02-27
Glass edge grinding machine operation burned trip two reasons and glass edge grinding machine in the process of running motor is always hot lead to tripping, glass machinery consumers have encountered this kind of situation, so this kind of phenomenon is caused by how? Maintenance Suggestions to make the following two: first, to smell the first motor, have a lot of burning, and if so, then the basic can be concluded that is caused by the glass edge grinding mechanical and electrical machine short circuit trip, this phenomenon is not uncommon in the glass edge grinding machine, please put the motor down to check and repair, or replace a new motor directly. Second, ruled out the motor problem, then there is another possible reason is that in the glass edge grinding machine transmission device is not clear, lead to motor load is bigger, have fever phenomenon and eventually lead to trip, this kind of phenomenon to overhaul the glass edge grinding machine transmission device, find out the problem, if only because the reason such as dust, so straighten up, some lubricating oil is ok, if the damage is driving device, so be sure to for repair or replacement. We are to compete on quality, seek development with strength, strives for the survival by the credibility, in good faith cooperation in trade business philosophy in good reputation.
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