Glass edge grinding machine equipment industry development in our country

by:Enkong     2021-04-08
Glass machinery industry in our country, s glass edge grinding machine industry development is relatively long, now have a more perfect technical foundation, is also more advantage of industry in our country, along with the transformation and upgrading of the economy and the market situation changes, the glass edge grinding machine gradually occupy a more important position in glass machinery, although our country s glass edge grinding machine development is not very long, but always adhere to the rapid increase speed, current demand for glass edge grinding machine is still high. China will continue to support the development of glass edge grinding machine, during the twelfth five-year investment in our country will continue to increase, more than special stock will move funds billions each year. To cultivate the core competitiveness, independent innovation and brand building to a strategic height, completed the gross value of industrial output eight hundred billion yuan of target. As glass processing enterprise one of the necessary equipment, glass edge grinding machine industry in our country every year double-digit increases, usher in rapid development period, the glass edge grinding machine has become the main model of the glass machinery consumption in our country. CNC glass edge grinding machine industry in recent years our country demand will continue to adhere to the high speed increase, the average annual compound increase rate reached thirty percent. Domestic glass edge grinding machine industry upstream and downstream industry structure optimized, the overall quality significantly improved. Facing the increasing demand and broad market space, CNC glass edge grinding machine industry in our country continuously forge ahead, on the current market can supply all kinds of frontier, the field of high and new technology can be comparable to the European and American developed country glass machinery enterprises equipment. Our country the numerical control machine a number of key core core technologies have reached the world advanced level, some of the core and even reached world leading level, to our country continue to increase in demand supply guarantee.
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