Glass cutting machine from the trial method of water treatment have?

by:Enkong     2020-12-30
With the development of glass industry technology, longer service life, shaped glass cutting machine heat utilization and glass quality improved significantly, this and improve the quality of glass cutting machine, the emergence of new refractory materials. Before glass cutting machine and water treatment, glass bottle need special attention is the problem sewage discharge. The glass cutting machine from the trial method of water treatment have? The following by the shenzhen factory staff to introduce: 1, before the treatment period. Glass coating pretreatment section such as preliminary, primary, watch, if it is in the north, the temperature of the Lord to take off the part is not too low, need to heat preservation. Otherwise the treatment effect is not ideal; 2, preheating section. Will enter the preheating section after pretreatment, generally need 8 to 10 minutes, glass bottle recommended by spraying in arrived in powder spraying room to make workpiece heat to a certain extent, to change to increase adhesion of powder; 3, glass bottle blowing purification section. Process requirement is higher if the spray parts, glass cutting machine, or if there are a lot of dust adsorption on workpiece, processing surface of workpiece after there will be a lot of granular, lower the quality; 4, spray powder. This section of the master key is powder technology, to create excellent quality, good master or a good deal of pay technology; 5, drying section. This section to note is temperature and baking time, powder generally 180 ~ 200 degree is preferred, depending on the workpiece material. And baking furnace is apart from the powder room shoulds not be too far, general 6 meters as well. Above glass cutting machine from the trial method of water treatment is introduced here, glass furnace and reasonable structure, excellent laying quality and successful baking furnace for extending the service life of the furnace and improve the quality of glass products production is of great significance.
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