Glass beveling machine features you understand

by:Enkong     2021-03-23
Glass beveling machine features you understand? Glass beveling machine is one of our commonly used machine, for glass beveling machine did you understand, so it has the characteristic which, today small make up to you some related content, then let's take a look at together. 1. Glass beveling machine for grinding glass grinding head motor direct workers, and also to the accuracy requirement is very high, the best glass hypotenuse mechanical and electrical machine for ABB motor. 2. Glass beveling machine after splint flatness, must control in 0. 02 mm less than, to ensure the straightness of beveling machine. 3. Glass beveling machine and girder, base, column, etc must be casting parts, welding parts bad rigidity, and easy deformation. 4. Glass beveling machine drive chain transmission is the best choice, because the bearing drive motor, bearing is easy to fill and glass powder is easy to wear and maintenance is very high. 5. Glass beveling machine structure is simple, excessive link is less, the smaller the cumulative error. Above is the five characteristics of glass beveling machine, understand it is better for your use of the characteristics of glass beveling machine, if you feel to know this is not enough, also want to continue to know some knowledge about the glass beveling machine, you can feel free to contact us, let us better answer for you.
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