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Explanation of industrial utilization of special-shaped glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-09

At present, the glass processing machinery and technology produced in China are large-scale processing machinery and equipment imported from abroad. The cutting methods are single, and they are all standard glass materials or die cutting. Next, the editor will take you to understand the special-shaped glass cutting machine. of industrial use.

The special-shaped glass glass cutting machine is composed of the body, positioning parts, measuring tools, cutters, workbenches, etc. The lower end of the arm, the other end of the arm and the side of the nut are welded and cast, so that the positioning screw passes through the arm nut, through the positioning hole, with the scale plate (protractor and the lock mark hole on the plate) and the positioning center, the fixing method is in the form of a buckle , turn the handwheel to complete the positioning of the glass angle and size.

Because this machine adopts positioning screws, positioning center, tray and movable scale plate, ruler, it can cut 2mm-8mm glass of different shapes, such as horizontal line, vertical line, rectangle, right angle, triangle, circle, Ellipses, arcs, etc., have a wide range of use, a good way to reduce material waste and save energy.

First place the material to be cut (glass), turn the hand wheel, make the positioning screw push the positioning center in place, align the dial (protractor, lock mark hole) with the ruler, measure the required cutting size or The angle is supported by the positioning tray, the positioning center is aligned with the cutting material of any shape, the handle pushes the cutter to cut, and the entire cutting process of the present invention is completed.

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