Common faults and troubleshooting methods of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-28

The so-called glass glass cutting machine is used in many of our glass factories. Using a glass cutting machine to cut glass can not only improve our work efficiency but also reduce our work labor.

So what are the common faults of glass cutting machines?

1. When the cutting speed drops or the diagonal changes, there may be The reason for the overfeeding of the synchronous belt or the inconsistent tightness on both sides.

Remedy: Open the side plate covers on both sides, loosen the tension sleeves on both sides, and adjust the synchronous belts on both sides to the same tightness.

2. The cutting line is not transparent and cannot be broken.

Remedy: Adjust the angle of the cutter wheel and replace the appropriate cutter wheel.

3. The cutting size becomes larger or smaller.

Remedy: Adjust some settings of the cutter driver.

4. The original position of the machine cannot be returned.

Remedy: Maybe the mechanical far-point proximity switch is broken, replace the original switch.

5. No positive or negative limit.

Remedy: It may be that the switch is broken, and a new limit switch needs to be updated.

The above are the common faults of glass cutting machines and some basic solutions summarized by the editor. I hope they can help you.

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