Automatic glass cutting machine on the preparation of optical glass use!

by:Enkong     2021-05-07
By applying and improving the preparation technology of optical glass, glass cutting machine automatically get highly transparent and uniform optical glass; Also makes the manufacturer can produce large size at a lower cost of substrate material are more likely to work. The activity of large volume, high density particles is one of the important advantages of high-power, high-energy laser. ( 1) Substrate glass is easy to change the composition of substrate glass and performance change is very big, add the amount and type of activator is not restricted, it is easy to develop with various properties of laser glass series. ( 2) Easy processing. Glass cutting machine is made of optical glass of hot forming and the manufacture technology, the laser glass is direct molding into a bar, sheet, wire and other various shapes, and ground into a high precision optical surface, in order to meet the development needs of various kinds of device structure. ( 3) According to the characteristics of glass structure short-range order, long-range disorder, glass structure defect of little influence on the performance of the glass broken, easy to remove, easy to obtain uniform isotropic mass of working substance, neodymium glass laser glass is one of the most important. Because it can produce laser at room temperature, the temperature of the quenching effect is small, light pump absorption efficiency is high, high luminous quantum efficiency. ( 4) Laser glass is composed of substrate glass and activation ion, physico-chemical properties of the laser glass is mainly decided by the substrate glass, spectral performance is mainly decided by activating ions, but the substrate glass and activate ion interaction, thus activating ions have a certain influence on P. The physical and chemical properties of laser glass, and the influence of substrate glass for its spectral characteristics sometimes is very important.
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