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Why use a fully automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-15

The application of automatic glass glass cutting machine has brought many benefits to people. Relevant manufacturers continue to carry out technological transformation and innovation while producing. Among them, the function of this type of glass cutting machine is undergoing a series of improvements. In order to use it better, let's briefly introduce its features.

The glass cutting is more reasonable, and the cutting plan is optimized in various ways. Each cutting plan uses one knife, it has good import and export functions and convenient data pasting, especially in programming, it is more flexible. At the same time, it also has better dust removal transformation. Automatic cutters generate a lot of dust when cutting stainless steel. Put a dust cover on the glass cutting machine to make it unstable, and a lot of smoke interferes with the operator's vision.

In the specific operation process, in order to ensure the cutting quality of the continuous casting billet, the original dust removal system also needs to be transformed. The stainless steel cutting machine is equipped with a dust cover. Open from top to bottom. Each automatic glass cutting machine is equipped with a connecting tube. If you want to know more about it, it is recommended to pay attention to this website, or call us directly!

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