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Why should use physical toughened glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-02-19
The current method of physical toughened glass cutting machine is widely used heating the glass to softening point ( 600℃) , glass also can keep its original shape, but there are some glass particle migration ability, structural adjustment, the existence of the internal pressure quickly eliminate, blowing cold, the temperature balance, the compressive stress, occurs on the surface of the glass coating, tensile stress, the internal stress distribution of the glass to produce uniform and regular, raised the glass as the tensile strength of brittle material, make the glass bending and impact strength was improved. Uniform stresses exist at the same time, because inside the glass, once the local glass strength than its ability to bear craze, under the action of internal stress, blow itself up as small particles, improved its security. In the process of toughened glass glass tempering furnace, usually produce wind spots and stress. Glass in the process of cooling due to uneven cooling of the uneven stress, thus forming the wind. Observation from a special Angle, can see the glass surface has streaks of light and shade. They also is caused by the non-uniform stress. For example, in the process of heating, the hearth and the temperature difference exists between, results in uneven stress. There is no way to completely avoid stress points, but the design good tempering equipment can minimize the stress points of visibility.
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