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Why is the glass Chamfering machine divided into so many types?

by:Enkong     2019-12-15
With the continuous development of science and technology, many industries are now developing continuously. Now industry, machinery industry and other industries are developing continuously, and in recent years, also because of the rapid development of industry, the economy is getting better and better now, but the economy is coming up, but some environmental problems are often ignored, such as our current air, and water resources are getting worse and worse, and now the Earth is like a patient who has been ill for a long time. What we have to do now is to protect the environment, take good care of the environment and protect our flowers, plants and trees, because we humans are associated with nature, if we humans are hurt, we humans will also be affected, if it is serious, or by the invasion of disease. Therefore, to save water and not waste food, we should start from some small things. Now the glass beveling machine is mainly helpful when processing glass, and the glass Chamfering machine is divided into many types. As long as it is divided into flat Chamfering machine, steel plate Chamfering machine and portable Chamfering machine, because portable Chamfering machine is relatively light, and it is very good to improve work efficiency and reduce cost, which is the most important. And the chamfer thickness can be adjusted casually. And Super Hard contacts are installed on all sides. However, portable chamfering machines are still suitable for large workpieces that have not been heat treated, such as chamfering of various molds and mechanical parts. It is not necessary to clamp, the operation is so simple, the chamfering is regular, the adjustment is convenient, the economy is reliable, and the efficiency is greatly improved. The worktable is made of high-quality die steel after heat treatment, which is durable and has low friction. Metal parts such as steel, iron, copper and aluminum of any length can be easily chamfered. During operation, the slide rail is pressed against the workpiece and cut in the direction indicated by the arrow. Old blades used by milling machines can also be used. Accurate surface roughness of Chamfer is good.
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