Why is the automatic glass cutting machine used?

by:Enkong     2022-06-13

Glass glass cutting machine manufacturing enterprises are constantly carrying out technological transformation and innovation while producing. Among them, the function of automatic glass glass cutting machine is in a series of improvements. Let us see, usually when using it, it is necessary to Learn about its features.

The glass cutting is more reasonable, the cutting scheme is optimized in various ways, each cutting scheme uses a knife, has good import and export functions, and is easy to paste data, Especially when it comes to programming, it is more flexible.

The dust removal transformation of the automatic glass cutting machine, when cutting stainless steel, the automatic glass cutting machine will generate a lot of dust, put the dust cover on the cutting machine to make it unstable, and a lot of smoke and dust interfere with the vision of the operator.

In order to ensure the cutting quality of the continuous casting billet, it is imperative to reform the original dust removal system. The stainless steel cutting machine is equipped with a dust cover. The two sides of the dust cover are opened from top to bottom. The automatic glass cutting machine is equipped with connecting pipes. If you want to know more related content, it is recommended to pay attention to this website.

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