Why does the intelligent glass cutting machine attract everyone's attention?

by:Enkong     2022-06-09

At present, the glass cutting machines used in my country usually include bases, workbenches, beams, guide rails, tool rests, knives, power units, etc. Set on a beam with guide rails, complete the horizontal cutting of the glass, and the glass cutting work is simply done.

The intelligent glass glass cutting machine includes a glass cutting machine base, a workbench on the base, a longitudinal movable beam on the workbench, a horizontal moving mounting seat on the beam, and the mounting seat There is a knife box at the front, a motor on the upper part of the knife box, and a cutter at the lower end of the knife box.

The cutting knives are arranged perpendicular to the worktable, which is characterized in that: there is a set of stators on the side of the beam, one end of the stator is N pole, the other end is S pole, arranged end to end, the side of the beam is provided with guide rails, the beam A magnetic ruler is arranged on the upper side, and a mover is arranged on the inner surface of the mounting seat opposite to the stator. The mover cooperates with the stator and uses magnetic force to push the mounting seat to move laterally along the beam when electrified.

An induction probe is also connected to the inner surface of the mounting seat. The induction probe and the magnetic ruler cooperate with each other to measure the moving distance of the tool through an external controller. There are a set of pulleys on the outside of both ends of the beam. Cooperate with driving pulley to rotate.

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