Which aspects will affect the special-shaped cutter price floating

by:Enkong     2021-02-03
With people's growing demand, special-shaped cutter market gradually open. Profile cutting machine have been floating up and down, the price of the factors that affect the price of shaped glass cutting machine is what? 1. The price of raw materials affect the price of the shaped glass cutting machine. The price of any kind of mechanical equipment is closely related to the price fluctuation of raw materials, glass cutting machine industry is no exception. Glass cutting machine of some imported parts and materials are also affected by the international situation and domestic and foreign transportation. Raw material is, as it were, the main factors influencing the shaped glass cutting machine sales price. 2. The change in the manufacturing cost changed shaped glass cutting machine price. At present, in terms of guangdong coastal cities, and severe labor shortage, if you can't recruit employees, they must pay higher cost to attract enterprises for production workers. Enterprise production costs rise. Shaped glass cutting machine industry is no exception, are also affected by it. 3. The supply and demand pattern of shaped glass cutting machine affect the price. Glass cutting machine products supply and demand changes also affect the price of his change.
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