When buying a small glass cutting machine should be pay attention to what point?

by:Enkong     2021-05-02
How to choose a small glass cutting machine? For using a small cutting machine and related accessories, we need to know why small glass cutting machine maintenance is so important. Selection: based on the enterprise own actual cutting layout, choose the most suitable way of cutting is given priority to with what glass cutting, namely cut into what appearance, don't wear little big shoes, because it involves the equipment of normal wear and unnecessary money. Cutting accuracy: according to own actual need, this can not only refer to manufacturers specifications and text, mainly in technical research, such as: knife wheel control, running in gear and rack, reasonable design, level control system, then cut in the actual measurement. Only have to grasp the cutting machine parts and control system of synchronous control level. Cutting speed: only on the premise of meet the precision of cutting speed can be discussed. Because it is difficult to judge whether the eye at top speed, so you can use the software simulation to match the glass cutting machine servo drive function to check whether can realize the high speed of the motor. Automatic layout optimization function: due to the particularity of their work, only a few of highly educated, highly educated personnel arrangements to arrange work, so the cutting machine operation is simple, easy, safe and stable, simple maintenance, to avoid embarrassing situation, such as can't afford maintenance of the equipment. Optimization should apply to their own actual situation. Instead of the optimization of the pursuit of 100% rate, which can result in can cut can't break, lower productivity, and cannot be completely in accordance with the manufacturer's specification is optimized, because of the shortage of domestic glass will lead to cutter knife.
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