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What to control the operation of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-24

The glass glass cutting machine includes a worktable with a base under the worktable, a control element on one side of the worktable, a support rod above the worktable, a shell on the support rod, a motor under the shell, and an output The shaft is drivingly connected with the motor, and the output shaft is covered with a cutting wheel.

The shell is provided with a water tank, the outer circumference of the motor is covered with a plurality of water pipes, the water tank is provided with a water pump, and the water tank is connected with the water pipe. When the motor needs to dissipate heat, the water pump controls The water circulation in the water pipe can dissipate heat quickly and improve the practicability of the glass cutting machine.

There are two spray pieces on the output shaft, the two spray pieces are connected with the fixing rod, the two fixed rods are connected with the connecting pipe, the spray piece includes a sleeve, the center of the sleeve is provided with a bearing, and the output shaft is Through the bearings, the gears are mounted on the bearings.

When the workbench needs to be cleaned, when the pump controls the two sleeves, the connecting pipe enters the water from the corresponding pipe seat of the nozzle, and the gear rotates, which can continuously move the gear fixing block, so that the nozzle is in a torsion spring. Swing up, both front and rear nozzles can clean the surface of the worktable and improve the practicability of the glass cutting machine.

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