What should we do with glass cutting machine malfunction

by:Enkong     2020-12-23
When we were in the use of glass cutting machine, if there is a mechanical fault, we are going to how to deal with, the following will give you explain this knowledge. Glass machinery and equipment for routine check, record seriously, refueling do shift, correct lubrication, after cleaning, wipe and oil in a timely manner. Mind glass machinery accessories. Transferred or replacement equipment operation, equipment and the complete attachment to hand over formalities. Seriously implement the system of succession, complete hand-over records. Glass machinery equipment accident, should take measures to cut off the power and keep the site and report to the team leader or workshop mechanical part, waiting for processing. Should be truthfully the analysis of accident. For violation of operation and maintenance procedures, such as the accident caused by the subjective reasons, should bear direct responsibility. Above is the glass cutting machine malfunction to how to deal with. Don't know you to understand how much, also don't understand it does not matter, you can contact us, we can also continue to focus on our website, we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!
glass cutting machine of the buffer device maintenance
the composition of glass cutting machine has a lot of devices, one of which is a buffer device, the device also need our maintenance from time to time, today small make up take you to get to know the glass cutting machine of the buffer device maintenance. Repair glass cutting machine buffer device, cleaning mechanical coupling and the surface of the hook, should use cold wash method, measuring the space between the coupler and the traction frame, glass cutter abrasion of check each part of the hook, connecting rod, clamp check hook lock pin, hook lock, tongue. Paint lubrication hook parts, lubrication shaft assembly center, spray cleaning, inspection, lubrication and connecting rod, nondestructive testing and replace all gaskets, should pay attention to, not to check whether there is vertical bracket, connecting rod grounding cable and hose, inspection manual decoupling wire rope. Glass cutting machine overhaul period of 25 d, decomposition of mechanical parts cleaning, check and clean electrical box, change the contact and seal, the mechanical parts for repair, replacement of solenoid valve, seals and limit switch, magnetic particle inspection on hook tongue.
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