What's the glass cutter positioning device for?

by:Enkong     2021-05-17
Glass cutting machine has been very popular, and not just because it works, but also because it along with society's development and progress. And because the glass is smooth, it is difficult to accurately find the cutting point, then the glass is broken, more sharp and dangerous for workers. In order to make the glass cut faster, more accurate, a glass cutter positioning device is designed. Generally speaking, cutting machine, automatic glass cutting machine cutting bridge and computer control box of three parts. Cutting machine by the bracket, mesa, conveyor belt and transmission equipment, air cushion, etc. At the same time, the desktop is supported by bracket, bracket consists of steel column and steel beam. Desktop for laminated board, longitudinal rank 3 - Six transshipment. Conveyor belt outside show desktop covered with a mantle. 1. Automatic labeling of glass cutting machine mechanical positioning and laser scanning of double positioning system. Mechanical positioning by the positioning block is completed, the glass can be preliminary positioning, laser scanning, scanning glass accurately, improve the accuracy of automatic labeling of glass cutting machine, and give attention to both template scan. 2, the surface of the glass cutting machine air floated platform along the horizontal direction and vertical direction respectively fixed installation level to the fixed block and vertical to the fixed block, realized not to break off the edge cutting need cutting glass operation, so that every time don't have to be time consuming to determine the origin of workpiece, become simple and easy operation, and the device and positioning method is simple, save time. 3. Glass cutting machine of the surface of the floating platform in a horizontal direction and vertical direction respectively fixed installation, and installation of vertical and horizontal fixed block fixed block, implements the cutting operation, on the edge of glass leave, do not need to spend time and energy to determine the origin of the workpiece. Above is the simple introduction glass cutter positioning device, simple structure, convenient operation, easy to implement, and through a cylinder can drive multiple positioning plate, at the same time guarantee the consistency of the positioning block movement, positioning plate and positioning roller interface has 3 degrees Angle, we can use to locate. Incline to push when positioning plate glass will not push up the glass, mediation by locating plate and positioning adjustment plate, locating piece with the X axis parallelism, easy to use, good positioning effect of the glass.
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