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What kind of components make up the shaped glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-09
Shaped glass cutting machine mainly consists of two parts of the mechanical and electrical and control system. Mechanical part includes: the workbench, rack/guide, knife wheel, workbench, tool post, transmission device, transmission system, knife, oil supply way, positioning device. Electric parts including the control system, voltage, controller, control cable, drag chain, relays and circuits. A 1, mesa, mechanical parts: use waterproof board. 2, rack/guide: imported products, high precision linear motion for X, Y direction. 3, knife wheel: made in Germany, important cutting parts, install glass cutting head. 4, mesa, is full of porosity, floating on the surface of linoleum, use a black felt pad. 5, tool post: pneumatic, adjustable pressure, to adapt to the different thickness and strength of glass cutting, achieve the best cutting effect. 6, conveying equipment: air floating workbench ( Is the conveyor belt device with a workbench) Convenient, the movement of the glass, reduce the workload of workers. 7, the transmission system: adopt Japan yaskawa servo system, equipment and reliable, without bias and efficient. Second, the electrical part 1, the control system: adopting the dell PC to control, using Microsoft Windows interface. 2, voltage: 380 v / 50 hz, equipment equipped with isolated protection device, prevent damage of interference control components. 3, controller: the high speed motion controller with PMAC, precision cutting without deviation. 4, control cable, high flexible cable with imported Germany, the United States, long service life, ensure the reliable cutting operation. 5, drag chain: Germany's professional high-speed drag chain, not easy to wear and tear of shape steel. 6, relay: Japan omron, France schneider, reduce unnecessary trouble. 7, circuit: adopt the latest EMC compatibility design, no interference, make the equipment run smoothly.
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