What is the working principle of the air source device for glass machinery

by:Enkong     2021-04-02
The working principle of the air source device for glass machinery, the glass machinery equipment in the pneumatic system is to supply compressed air that meets certain quality requirements for the pneumatic system, and it is an important part of the pneumatic system. The characteristic of the air source device for glass machinery is that the air pressure system of glass machinery is composed of compressed air generated by the air compressor for glass machinery. After a series of treatments such as cooling and purification, it can supply control components and actuators. The influence of the air source device for glass machinery: the compressed air directly discharged from the air compressor for glass machinery cannot be used for pneumatic equipment unless it is purified and the moisture and other impurities mixed in the compressed air are not removed. Therefore, it is necessary to set up some oil, water, and dust removal, and to dry the compressed air, improve the quality of the compressed air, and carry out air source purification treatment. Compressed air purification equipment generally includes an aftercooler, a water-oil separation device, an air storage tank, and a glass drying device. The aftercooler equipment is on the outlet pipe of the air compressor for glass machinery, and the air compressor for glass machinery discharges high-temperature compressed air, leading to the aftercooler to reduce the temperature. In this way, the oil mist and water vapor in the compressed air can reach saturation, so that as many as possible are condensed into droplets and discharged. The layout of the aftercooler includes: serpentine tube type, column tube type, fin type and sleeve type, etc.; cooling methods are water-cooled and air-cooled. The water-oil separation device is located on the pipeline behind the aftercooler, and its role is to extract and separate impurities such as water and oil contained in the compressed air, so that the compressed air can be purified initially. The layout of the water-oil separation device includes the ring reversal type, the impact folding type, the centrifugal rotating type, the water bath type and the combination of the above methods, etc. The water-oil separation device mainly uses reverse centrifugation, impact, water bath and other methods to extract and separate water droplets, oil droplets and other impurities from the compressed air. The primary function of the air storage tank is to store a certain amount of compressed air, reduce the output air flow pulsation of the air source, add air flow continuity, and weaken the pipe vibration caused by the air flow pulsation of the air compressor for glass machinery; more extraction and separation of the compressed air Moisture and oil content. The function of the glass drying device is to remove more water, oil and impurities contained in the compressed air, so that the compressed air is dried, and the supplied compressed air is used for pneumatic equipment that requires high air quality. Compressed air drying methods mainly use adsorption, centrifugation, mechanical precipitation and freezing. When the muffler device, glass mechanical cylinder, gas valve and other operations work, the exhaust speed is high, and the gas volume expands sharply, which will cause harsh and sharp noise. Muffler is a kind of pneumatic component that can obstruct sound propagation and allow air flow to pass. It reduces the speed and power of exhaust by damping or adding exhaust area and then reduces sharp noise. The muffler in pneumatic equipment mainly includes resistive muffler, resistive muffler, and impedance composite muffler. Pneumatic actuators are equipment that converts the pressure energy of compressed air into the mechanical energy of an automated packaging line, including glass mechanical cylinders and air motors. It is the glass mechanical cylinder that completes the linear movement and the work, and the pneumatic motor completes the rotary movement.
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