What is the sign of the maturity of the development of glass machinery manufacturers

by:Enkong     2021-04-04
The competition in the glass machinery industry is very fierce, and it needs to face the competitive pressure of foreign similar equipment and products on the domestic market. Therefore, the glass machinery industry needs to increase research and development efforts to produce similar equipment products with its own characteristics. In terms of technology development, we need to implement an innovation strategy on the basis of our country’s existing special projects. With innovation as the driving force, the glass edging machine industry has a large investment and slow results. Companies participate in the development of common skills, introduce research institutions to participate together, and implement public-private partnerships to promote research and development; our national level needs to increase investment in basic research and the training of research and development talents. In general, the international glass machinery competition format has the following characteristics: the international glass machinery powerhouse has insisted on strong skills, planning, and brand advantages, and is the main force in the export of international glass machinery; the international glass machinery major consumer market is developing Country transfer, especially our country, India, Mexico, etc.; our country's glass edging machine has become an important part of the international glass machinery industry, and it has strong competitiveness in the high-end similar equipment products, but there is a certain distance from the international leading level. . This year, the output of glass machinery is expected to increase to a considerable extent, and the number of imports is still large, but it needs to be concentrated on high-end similar equipment products. At the same time, the middle-end similar equipment products will also increase after the implementation of local market services abroad. The modernization level of the glass edging machine industry is an important symbol of the country's industrial development. Our country has become a major country in glass machinery manufacturing. The year before last year, when the world's first boom, our country's glass edging machine industry's output was significantly reduced due to the financial crisis, our country continued to grow as usual, and the output jumped to the top of the world for the first time. Our country's glass machinery output continued to grow at a high speed last year, accounting for 30% of the global output, maintaining the top spot in the world. Last year, the output of glass machinery continued to maintain the top spot in the world. Our country is a big country in the glass machinery industry, but it is not a strong country. The year before last, our country's export value accounted for only 10% of the output, which is far below the level of over 60% of the international glass machinery manufacturing power. In terms of imports, it ranks first in the world. Our country's glass edging machine imports continue to increase, but the growth rate is significantly lower than the same period last year.
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