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What is the processing principle of glass Chamfering machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-23
Nowadays, science and technology are constantly developing, and people's living standards are also constantly improving. Science and technology are very helpful to production. Machinery is to use the benefits of science and technology in continuous evolution, the original shortcomings are constantly being improved, so that manufacturers have more opinions and more ideas in production. Speaking, it is a city that produces and sells multiple mechanical products, there are many manufacturers competing for this product here, but the glass beveling machine is a product that is slowly appearing in people's eyes, what is the processing principle used by this glass Chamfering machine? The glass Chamfering machine is carried out from the following point of view: diamond grinding heads are generally used as cutting tools for processing glass by precision engraving machines, and 24000 ~ The 40000-rpm spindle rotates at high speed, and the machining is actually grinding rather than cutting. With a special grinding head, it can realize the opening, slotting, up and down one-time chamfering of ultra-thin glass, accurate cutting of special-shaped glass, Shape Processing, chamfering, etc. , and the error can be controlled at ±0. 02 ~ ±0. 05mm, and the glass edge is not easy to collapse and damage. According to the designed jig, the continuous batch production of products can be realized. The glass beveling machine will definitely be chosen by more merchants in the days to come. The above is some information about the glass Chamfering machine,
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