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What is the performance characteristics of shaped glass cutting machine?

by:Enkong     2021-01-01
Shaped glass cutting machine is a kind of numerical control machine tool, has small volume, high machining accuracy, fine stability, finished product, the machine speed, high production efficiency, etc. What is the performance characteristics of shaped glass cutting machine? Today by the shenzhen factory staff to introduce the: 1. Three coordinate motion system of the cutting tools with high precision screws, make the equipment is stable and reliable, small error, high efficiency. 2. After processing, machine is flat, won't scratch glass, especially suitable for cutting optical coating glass. 3. Machinable large size 500 mm x 500 mm glass substrate. Platforms have relatively tight adsorption holes, can meet the needs of the deformation of glass adsorption. 4. Interface simple and clear, easy to operate. 5. Precision cutting glass engraving machine tool is the diamond grinding head. Its main shaft at a speed of 24000 ~ 40000 RPM high speed rotation. In fact, it is used for grinding, not used for cutting. 6. With special grinding head, ultra-thin glass can punch, notching, end chamfering, special-shaped glass precision cutting, forming and chamfering, etc. Error control in + / - Within 0. 02 ~ + 0. It is not easy to collapse and damage the glass edge. 7. According to the design of fixture to realize continuous batch production of products. 8. Glass permeability is good, good pervious to light performance, high chemical stability, according to the different processing methods can get strong mechanical strength and heat preservation effect, can even prevent the glass color. 9, isolation, light is too strong, so it is often used in all walks of life to meet different needs. These are the performance characteristics of special glass cutting machine. We can according to its characteristics to the corresponding process operation, give full play to its value. What is more than the performance characteristics of shaped glass cutting machine? Is introduced here, automation equipment co. , LTD. Is a professional in glass cutting machine, 2. 5 d flicking light machine, 3 d light machine manufacturer of LCD glass cutting machine; Provide special glass cutting machine, glass linear cutting machine of automatic glass cutting machine manufacturers.
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