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What is the glass beveling machine cutting speed

by:Enkong     2021-03-22
What is glass beveling machine cutting speed, cutting speed control is very important, so we should grasp this aspect of knowledge, with the transformation and upgrading, will form the industry reshuffle, a batch of backward production capacity of manufacturers will be eliminated, only has the pace with The Times need glass hypotenuse vendors would to standing. Glass beveling machine cutting speed on the glass, it must be very soon, but to say how much an hour can cross, this is bad to say, because the size of the glass, how much to cut marks these parameters will influence the data, a 3660 * 2440 piece of glass, if you need to cut into 4 pieces, time is about 40 seconds. If your door window glass size is relatively fixed, with fully automatic machine and semi-automatic cutting machine on fit, quickly. Glass beveling machine are we should grasp the method about the role of things, because the application of glass beveling machine is very broad, is we need to develop, with the rising cost of labor, people more and more strict requirement for precision products, enterprises are increasingly demanding for efficiency, predominantly glass beveling machine equipment will be used in all.
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