What is the function of the glass straight edge machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-24
The glass edging machine is a common glass deep processing equipment. Its main structure and function editing are that the base, bracket, guide rail frame, motor seat and other key supporting parts are made of cast iron and processed after natural aging. It has a smooth, smooth, beautiful appearance. The advantages of no deformation, etc., ensure that the accuracy of the whole machine is consistent after long-term use; the transmission and transmission parts adopt single and double worm gears, and the speed is uniform and continuous. The speed can be adjusted in a wide range (0-4m/min) to meet the different processing needs of different manufacturers. The glass straightening machine is in action. The glass straightening machine is commonly used in glass deep processing equipment. The clamping part adopts the imported Italian timing belt, and the surface is adhered with PU and red glue. This not only ensures the proper clamping force and friction force, but also solves the problem. Thin glass is fragile and difficult to grip and convey. The grinding system uses a three-phase high-speed motor and the latest technology grinding wheel, which is especially suitable for long-term and large-scale small and medium glass crafts manufacturers. Glass straight edging machine is common in glass deep processing equipment. The glass straight edging machine is working. The adjustable receiving platform is equipped with a synchronous belt receiving rack that runs synchronously with the clamping rod to avoid surface slippage during the operation of the glass to the greatest extent. The control part and the working part are organically coordinated, people-oriented, highlighting the humanized design. The method of use is simple and clear, and the grinding accuracy is stable and continuous. The whole process of work can be monitored through the transparent observation hole, which is clear at a glance. It is the most ideal choice for glass deep processing enterprises, especially glass handicraft manufacturers.
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