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What is the cutting speed of the glass beveling machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-07

What is the cutting speed of the glass beveling machine? The control of the cutting speed is actually very important. Then we should master this knowledge. With the transformation and upgrading, it will inevitably form a reshuffle of the industry. A group of manufacturers with backward production capacity will be eliminated, and only the glass beveling machine manufacturers that can keep up with the needs of the times can stand firm.

In terms of the cutting speed of glass, the glass beveling machine must be very fast, but it is hard to say how much it can be scratched in an hour, because the size of the glass requires as much as the cut marks. Parameters will affect this data. If a piece of 3660*2440 glass needs to be cut into 4 pieces, the time is about 40 seconds. If the size of your door and window glass is relatively fixed, the speed is also very fast if you use a fully automatic loading machine and a semi-automatic glass cutting machine.

The function of the glass beveling machine is something that we should master, because the application of the glass beveling machine is actually very extensive and we need to master it. With the rising labor cost, people The requirements for product accuracy are becoming more and more stringent, and companies are demanding higher and higher efficiency. Equipment based on glass beveling machines will be used by everyone.

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