What is the cutting function of glass machinery?

by:Enkong     2021-04-01
The glass edging machine, obviously, is to polish the sharp corners of the cut glass to make it smooth and flat, including the usual straight edges, round edges, duckbill edges, etc., through the glass With straight edge machines, they can be polished and smoothed to meet the designer's requirements. At present, the development speed of glass machinery is accelerating. With the development of glass industry technology, the service life of special-shaped glass cutting machines is generally extended, and the heat utilization rate and glass quality are significantly improved. This is related to the improvement of the quality of glass cutting machines and the emergence of new varieties of refractory materials. . In particular, it is closely related to the development of fused refractories in the last century. Because fused refractories have high density, wear resistance, good high-temperature mechanical properties and resistance to molten glass corrosion, the current important parts of glass melting furnaces are replaced by fused zirconia corundum bricks. For the application of CNC glass cutting machine, its running speed is high, the optimization rate is high, the leftover material can be optimized and used, the cutting plan is the most scientific, laser positioning, high-precision cutting, and further provide users with product quality, which is beneficial to the customer market. Expansion is a symbol of corporate strength.
Methods of PLC program testing for glass machinery equipment maintenance
The PLC program test method is to program the functions of the PLC into a functional experimental program. Run this program when the equipment failure is diagnosed, and you can quickly determine the cause of the glass machinery equipment failure. The PLC program test method is often used in the following three situations: 1) Glass machining glass leads to waste, and for a while, it is impossible to determine whether it is improper programming operation or PLC equipment failure. 2) The PLC has random equipment failures. For a while, it will be difficult to distinguish between external annoyance or system stability problems. 3) The glass edging machine that has been stored for a long time shall be regularly inspected and repaired before being put into use.
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