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What is the correct standard use of glass edging machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-10
At present, there are many glass inner grinding machines used in factories, and some are specially made for glass decoration, which are basically available, and the glass made is beautiful and accurate, so what is the correct specification of the glass edging machine? 1. The stepless transmission used by the edging machine must be in an open state when adjusting the speed, otherwise it is easy to damage the continuously variable transmission of the edging machine. 2. Precautions when using the special-shaped machine: ① whether the suction cup of the special-shaped machine Workbench is consistent or not has a great influence on the grinding effect. During assembly, the manufacturer has self-grinded the five sets of suction cup seats, and selected the suction cup glue with the same thickness to keep the height of each suction cup consistent. Therefore, under normal circumstances, do not disassemble the suction cup. If the suction cup glue is damaged, it should be replaced with the same thickness. (2) after using the vacuum pump for a period of time, the vacuum degree will drop due to water inflow and other reasons (That is, the suction drops) Phenomenon, so pay attention to check and eliminate the fault, otherwise, the machine works under the condition of insufficient suction, on the one hand, it will affect the grinding quality, on the other hand, it is also prone to safety accidents. 3. Whether the cooling is sufficient also has a great influence on the grinding effect. Always check the cooling pipe for blockage. In particular, the pipeline of the linear edging machine is easy to be blocked by bristles, and it is not easy to be detected after blocking, which will cause insufficient cooling and affect the edging quality. 4. The quality of the grinding head of the edging machine has a great influence on the grinding quality of the glass. The position of the grinding head and the moving gap have been adjusted when leaving the factory. In addition to the advance and retreat grinding head, do not move the rest, so as not to affect the grinding quality. In addition, the back position of the grinding head is not easy to be too large, otherwise it is easy to damage the waterproof sleeve, causing water leakage, and it is easy to burn the motor. This is some popularization of the correct and standardized use of glass edge grinding machines.
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