What is the automatic glass cutting machine process

by:Enkong     2021-02-09
Automatic glass cutting machine process, do you know cold process automatic glass cutting machine, don't know much about the words together and have a look! Automatic glass cutting machine for the first time when working in the cold paint, paint pictures on the surface of glass at room temperature, some fixed heating, some do not heat. This process can also be combined with gold, silver into a molten metal paint, called gold lacquer. Glaze is a kind of technology, it is necessary to add a color temperature on the glass surface, to produce an image glaze, and then put it in the heating furnace of fixed pigments, in order to avoid peeling off. Mosaic glass edge grinding groove of lead frame glass cutting board of thousands of pieces of technology combination, need to draw a small program, according to the draft plan, such as the size of each color to determine the shape and size, precise cutting glass, lead welding into a mirror. Print is not heated cools down, the sand blasting and polishing technology, carved on the glass, in a cardboard or mixing mill in a tissue or imprinted into water paper printing color graphics. Automatic glass cutting machine on the nested glass color, three-dimensional relief image as background, the formation of double layer or multilayer relief effect. Cutting with the cutting wheel, cutting, glass decoration, decoration, block surface or the surface of large area, line cutting, shaping, shaded sometimes nested glass, due to the different color and internal special effects. Diamond millstone or metal sculpture, carving or engraving pen in decorative pattern such as painting lines on the surface of the glass, use different things can be divided into circular carving lithography, stippling type. Etched aluminum foil automatic glass cutting machine design, draw a line on the glass, by chemical etching acid to sieve out the different colors of form; Tape to stick on the surface of all work gush arenaceous glass, in order to remove some unnecessary knife coating image, on the glass cutting machine, using high injection force, make the droplets on the glass on the automatic glass cutting machine. Automatic glass cutter grinding wheel grinding turn table, water mixed with silicon carbide, glass polishing surface work. Razor wheel groove, as its glass, polished and planing a face, everbright will work within the glue send charging heating, advantage of the characteristics of glass, heat melt surface brightness; The glass block with adhesive glue into the shape of the; With glass and other materials to create mixed media.
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