What is the advantage of using glass cutting machine?

by:Enkong     2020-12-29
What is the advantage of using glass cutting machine? Modern technology for glass industry has brought new vigor and vitality, but also make the performance of the glass has a lot of improvement. Glass cutting machine in use process has many advantages, glass cutting is a special equipment used for cutting glass. So what are the advantages of using glass cutting machine? By dongguan factory staff to introduce the below: 1, save artificial capital can be cut by more than 50%, forming in one time and greatly reduce production capital. 2, save raw material capital reasonable arrangement of product position, running speed, cut off excess stock of use can be optimized, cutting plan scientific and reasonable. 3 full automatic cutting, save time, maximum cutting speed up to 40 meters/minute, can greatly improve the work efficiency, no sabotage phenomenon, is usually 3 - artificial efficiency 4 times. 4, save training capital intelligence operation, all workers without professional training, usually 15 minutes can grasp the whole cutting process. 5, save maintenance capital of a complete set of system, the modular degree is high, in addition to add lubricating oil and so on maintenance, no special maintenance. 6, promote the competitiveness of the enterprise products and high precision cutting, rich special gallery, accurate and fluent cutting, further provide users with high-quality products, good customer market expansion, is the symbol of enterprise strength. Above what is the advantage of using glass cutting machine is introduced here, the entire glass cutting machine adopts computer control, high degree of automation, maintenance is convenient.
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