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What is super white embossed glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-10
Protect glass cutting machine working environment is relatively poor because components: some components work place perennial gale, the wind will blow the stones and other objects of components, component damage, may encounter the hail and other severe weather. Toughened glass has strong mechanical shock resistance, can effectively protect the components in the vulnerable cells from damage. Ultra embossed glass cutting machine is made of iron content is extremely low ore instead of the common glass ore production a high light transmittance, low reflectivity of embossed glass. At present, the ultra white embossed glass is mainly used for solar industry. The current mainstream products also called low iron tempered embossed glass ( Also known as tempered frosted glass) , the thickness of 3. 2mm。 In the solar spectral response wavelength range ( 320 ~ 1100海里) , light transmittance can reach more than 91%, to more than 1200 nm infrared light has the high reflectivity. Embossed glass has two advantages: one is greatly improve the bonding strength of the embossed glass and EVA, prolong the service life of the components; Second, embossed design make full use of the diffuse reflection principle of embossed pattern, greatly reduces the light reflectance, in the various incident under the condition of high light transmittance.
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