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What is a picosecond laser fast glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-15

The picosecond laser fast glass glass cutting machine includes a new type of picosecond laser cutting equipment, including adsorption platform, fume device, translation slide rail, optics, laser, fume lifting platform, and the surface of the fume device is installed on the adsorption platform.

The picosecond laser is installed on the X-axis to move, the Z-axis connecting plate is fixed on the Y-axis, the cutter head is fixed on the Z-axis table, and the screw is driven by a servo motor. The cutter head can be raised quickly and accurately to achieve the purpose of electric fast focusing. The XY platform is equipped with a cutting origin, the control system has a fine-tuning function, and is equipped with an automatic cutting cleaning system. The laser is controlled by a computer, and the PLC is controlled by a computer.

The picosecond laser cutting device adopts a multi-focus focusing cutting method, that is, the short pulse laser beam mainly acts on the inside of the glass material, and adjusts the narrow area along the set cutting line, and the diffractive optical element allows the incident electron beam to move along the The propagation axis is simultaneously focused at multiple focal lengths.

The output beam of the parallel input beam is concentrated at a fixed number of focal lengths, this process creates an internal pressure that causes the glass material to break in a controlled manner, with smooth and accurate surfaces for straight and curved composites to 1/100mm.

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