What are the technological factors affect the glass edge grinding machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-21
Different products need to have different functions. The products that appear in front of us now have a more important role, is the current mechanical products constantly improving, and there are many kinds of mechanical products appearing in the market. Good mechanical products are definitely easier to occupy the market position. Different mechanical products need to be applied at different times. Glass edging machine is a product that is constantly developing now, and now the technology for producing this product is constantly developing, but sometimes a product will inevitably encounter some problems, the following are the technological factors that can affect the glass grinding of the glass edging machine? The grinding of glass by the glass edging machine is mainly mechanical damage. The abrasive penetrates into the surface cracks to promote its expansion and scour the glass chips interwoven in the cracks, thus accelerating the grinding process. During grinding, a large amount of glass is usually ground with coarse abrasive, followed by fine abrasive until extremely shallow concave-convex layer and crack layer are left on the surface. The grinding used is generally made of cast iron and other materials, and the disk surface is provided with grooves, so as to facilitate the uniform distribution of abrasive materials coming in from the center of the disk and the removal of glass chips. The technological factors that affect the glass grinding of the glass Edger include: abrasive properties and particle size, grinding-like pressure and rotation speed, grinding disc material, medium of abrasive slurry, water addition and glass composition. At present, the glass edging machine is continuously developing, and the production technology of the glass edging machine is moving towards a more mature stage, and the glass edging machine has a relatively good geographical location, so it is easier for consumers to choose.
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