What are the specific characteristics of the timing belt of the glass edging machine?

by:Enkong     2021-03-23
In a mechanical equipment, if the effect is very good, then some of its auxiliary accessories are also very important. It is because of its specific characteristics that they can be used together to make this mechanical equipment so good. Glass edging The machine is such a mechanical equipment, so what are the specific characteristics of the timing belt of the glass edging machine? 1) The transmission is accurate, there is no slippage when working, and it has a constant transmission ratio.

2) Smooth transmission, with buffering and vibration reduction capabilities, and low noise.

3) The transmission efficiency is high, up to 0.98, the energy saving effect is obvious, the maintenance is convenient, no lubrication is required, and the maintenance cost is low. 4) The speed ratio range is large, generally up to 10, and the linear speed can reach 50m/s, with a large power transmission range, up to several watts to several hundred kilowatts. 5) Compared with V-belt transmission, the pre-tightening force is smaller, and the load on the shaft and bearing is smaller. 6) It can be used for long-distance transmission, and the center distance can reach more than 10m.
How to clean the powder on the side of the glass edging machine?
CNC glass edging machine grinds the corners of the glass into powder to make the glass smoother. However, a large amount of these splashed powders will be adsorbed on the glass edging machine every day. Therefore, after the end of the work day, the glass powder adsorbed on the glass edging machine must be properly removed.

The long time processing of the CNC glass edging machine will cause the clamping shaft, the chuck and the edging chamber wall to adhere to cutting dust. If it is not removed in time, it will scratch the lens and cause the clamping shaft sealing ring to wear out. Head into the water, use a brush and water spray container to clean directly. Enter the machine cleaning mode for cleaning. This method can also clean the internal water supply pipeline of the machine.

When clearing, be sure to follow the operating standards and operate safely and reasonably. And because the CNC glass edging machine rotates and works every day, the lubrication and maintenance of it is also a top priority. Always protect the lubricity of the mechanical shaft so that the glass edging machine can work more smoothly. This can not only increase the working efficiency of the CNC glass edging machine. It can also increase the production volume of the company/factory. And because your daily maintenance is proper, the service life of the CNC glass edging machine can be extended enough. Indirectly saves company/factory costs.
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