What are the properties of shaped glass cutting machine?

by:Enkong     2021-01-02
Shaped glass cutting machine is a kind of numerical control machine tool, has small size, high machining accuracy, machine tool, machine tool fine stability and finished products, processing speed, high production efficiency, etc. What are the characteristics that shaped glass cutting machine? The following by the shenzhen factory staff to introduce: 1. Three coordinate motion system with high precision cutting head screw, the device is stable and reliable, small error, high efficiency. 2, after treatment by this machine, flat and won't scratch glass, especially for optics coated glass cutting. 3. Machinable large size 500 mm * 500 mm of glass substrate, platforms with relatively tight adsorption holes, meet the needs of the deformation of glass adsorption. 4. Interface simple and clear, easy to operate. 5. Precision engraving machine is used for glass cutting tool for diamond grinding head commonly, the spindle speed is 24000 ~ 40000 RPM, high speed rotation. In fact, it is used for grinding instead of cutting. 6. Has special grinding head, which can realize the ultra-thin glass hole, slot, on the next chamfering, special-shaped glass shape precision cutting, processing, chamfer, etc. , error control within + / - 0. 02 ~ + 0. And the glass edge is not easy to collapse and damage. 7, according to the designed fixture, the realization of continuous mass production of products. 8, glass has the good transparency, pervious to light performance is good, high chemical stability, and can according to the different processing method to obtain the strong mechanical strength and heat preservation effect, even make glass does not change color. 9, isolation is too light, so often used in all walks of life, to meet different needs. Above is the performance characteristics of shaped glass cutting machine, in use process we can according to its characteristics to carry on the corresponding operation, in order to play its value. What are the characteristics above shaped glass cutting machine? Is introduced here, shaped glass cutting machine mainly used in various types of ultra-thin glass fine processing, special-shaped cutting, technology has been very mature.
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