What are the maintenance methods of automatic CNC assembly line

by:Enkong     2022-07-14

The application of fully automatic CNC assembly line saves a lot of time and cost. In recent years, in industrially developed cities, the maintenance of such automated production lines has become a hotspot. Its maintenance is mainly done by operators and maintenance personnel. To ensure non-stop production during working hours, it is necessary to use the pre-repair method as much as possible in management.

There are two specific maintenance methods:

1. Synchronous repair method: During the replication process, if a fault is found, try not to repair it, and use the maintenance method. Keep the production line running. On the day off, the maintenance crew and the operator are concentrated to solve all problems at the same time. After the work is over, the equipment is in a normal full-line production state.

2. Subdivision repair method: If there is a big problem in the automatic production line, the repair time will be more frequent. The synchronous repair method cannot be used. At this time, use Sunday to concentrate maintenance personnel and operators to repair a certain part, and wait until the next Sunday to repair another part.

Before and after work, the circuit, gas circuit, oil circuit and mechanical transmission parts (such as guide rails, etc.) need to be checked and cleaned. Check the working process, conduct sampling inspections on key parts of the fully automatic CNC assembly line, record abnormal conditions, formulate wearing parts plans, replace wearing parts in advance, and prevent problems before they occur.

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