What are the differences between glass straight edge machine and double-sided machine?

by:Enkong     2021-03-26
For friends who want to buy a glass edging machine, it is very necessary to understand the difference between a glass straight edging machine and a double-sided edging machine. This is the basis and basis for deciding your choice of suitable glass edging machine. First of all, although the role of the edging machine is to smooth the glass, or use the edging machine to complete the production of some special-shaped glass, but in terms of specific applications, the glass straightening machine is mainly aimed at the flat glass bottom Edge processing, grinding and polishing its edges and corners, and double-sided edging machines are often used to grind the double-straight flat edges of flat glass, so as to achieve the effect of rough grinding and polishing at one time. In addition, in order to meet the needs of consumers, double round edging machines have been introduced in the market at the right time, which is quite different from glass straight edging machines. Common glass edging machines, because most of them use grinding wheels and grinding head motors to grind and polish glass, so whether it is an ordinary single-sided edging machine or a general double-sided edging machine, it can be done once. Finish rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing treatment. At present, many glass processing manufacturers generally use 8-head or 9-head glass straight edge machines to meet actual work needs. Generally speaking, the more the number of grinding heads, the finer the grinding precision and the more precise the angle, but the price will be relatively higher. Because of its ideal processing efficiency, the glass straightening machine has been widely used in some glass tempering furnace enterprises, and can also be used as a supporting tool for glass production lines and glass washing machines. If you plan to become the little boss of a glass processing factory, you must understand the specifications and models of many glass straight edge machines in advance to avoid buying inappropriate glass straight edge grinding machines.

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