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What are the common problems glass cutting machine?

by:Enkong     2021-05-14
Modern technology for glass industry has brought new vigor and vitality, but also make the performance of the glass has a lot of improvement. Glass cutting machine in use process has many advantages, glass cutting machine is special equipment used for cutting glass. Some common problems encountered when using glass cutting machine, so what are the common problems of glass cutting machine? By dongguan factory staff to introduce the below: 1, cutting speed dropped, or diagonal line change: elastic on both sides may be synchronous belt to send or inconsistent. Method: ( 1) Open the cover on both sides of the plate shell; ( 2) On both sides will be a set of release; ( 3) Adjust both synchronous belt tightness. 2, cutting line, bye doesn't open, may be the right wheel Angle or knife pressure is too small. Method: ( 1) Adjust the Angle of knife wheel; ( 2) Replace the right knife wheel. 3, knife wheel was found to be of poor quality. When realized automatic glass cutting machine glass edge is not very good, first of all, adjust the reference point of the cutting tools through the computer, after adjusting for steering motor gear and gear plate, the gap of the cutting tools and tool holder straight degree of mesa, look to whether feasible. If not, find a new knife wheel, mount after the adjustment of the Z to the reference point, try the mottled whether disappear when cutting glass. If disappear, prove the quality of the knife wheel is unqualified. 4, glass cutting machine drive failure. Sometimes when cutting glass suddenly appeared 'mottled. By repeated replacement knife wheel, and adjust the reference point of the cutting tools, not better; Again to cut straight degree of correction of the bridge, still is invalid. This means that the drive failure. We need timely correction. 5, servo motor vibration is too large. Reason: fasteners loose or machine rigidity is too large. Method: ( 1) Adjust the rotating part firmness; ( 2) Reduce the rigidity servo motor. What are the common problems above glass cutting machine is introduced to here, should be timely inspection on glass cutting machine, must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of equipment maintenance and repair, thereby reducing glass cutting machine fault.
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